"Restoration of Sustainable Carbon Cycle"

The excessive use of fossil fuels has resulted in unacceptable levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Fundamental measures to restore the carbon cycle consist of transferring CO2 into geosphere and converting CO2 into hydrocarbon. The converted hydrocarbon can be utilized as a renewable energy source.

In order to realize such a system, integrated technologies, including optimized carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), biological conversion of CO2 to CH4, and enhanced recovery of resources must be developed.

The ultimate goal of this research is to restore the carbon cycle in order to realize progress in the human society in harmony with nature.

"Geological Sequestration of CO2" "Carbon Conversion"
  • Optimal Carbon-conversion Rate
    for Sustainable Carbon Cylcle
  • Acceleration of Microbial Carbon-conversion Rate
  • Impact Assessment of Carbon Conversion
    through Natural Analogues
"Modelling of Underground Fluid Flow"
"Carbon Dioxide"
  • Geological Sequestration
  • ECBM
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